Amphotericin B

Amphotericin B is an antifungal drug which which disturb fungal cell wall. It emerges with ergosterol and forms channels through fungal cell membrane. These channels allow the efflux of potassium K ions which results in cascade of reactions that end in ce

Azoles And Terbinafine

Ergosterol is fundamental compound in the fungal cell membrane. Both azoles and terbinafine interfere with ergosterol synthesis. Azoles inhibit the 14 α demethylase enzyme whereas terbinafine inhibit the squalene epoxidase enzyme.


Β-glucagan synthase enzyme plays important role in synthesis of β- glucagan layer of fungal cell wall. Echinocandins inhibit the β-glucagan enzyme and interfere with development of cell wall synthesis.


Flucytosine is antifungal drug that interfere with the synthesis of fungal DNA. Firstly flucytosine enter fungal cells with the help of permease enzyme. Inside the cells it pass through different reactions and transformations till it reach the nucleus as

General Fungal Structure

Like human fungi have cell membrane but it consists of ergosterol rather than cholesterol. Like bacteria the fungi have cell membrane but it consist of chitin not peptidoglycan. The outer layers of fungi consists of β glucans followed by protein. Formatio