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General Fungal Structure

Like human fungi have cell membrane but it consists of ergosterol rather than cholesterol. Like bacteria the fungi have cell membrane but it consist of chitin not peptidoglycan. The outer layers of fungi consists of β glucans followed by protein. Formatio

Penicillin Mechanism Of Action

Penicillin must pass through porins of gram negative bacterial cell wall. The penicillin the bind to penicillin binding protein on the cell membrane to be activated. Active penicillin binds to and inactivate transpeptidase enzyme. As a result peptidoglyca


Vancomycin affect mainly gram positive bacteria. Gram positive bacteria have thick peptidoglycan layer in their cell wall. The peptidoglycan is crossed linked together by alanine and lysine amino acids. Vancomycin binds directly to alanine residues and in