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Bile Acid Sequestering Drugs

Large amount of cholesterol is excreted as bile acids into duodenum. However most of this bile acid is reabsorbed back to the liver through enterohepatic circulation. Bile acid sequestering drugs such as colestipol form complex with bile acids and inhibit

General Fungal Structure

Like human fungi have cell membrane but it consists of ergosterol rather than cholesterol. Like bacteria the fungi have cell membrane but it consist of chitin not peptidoglycan. The outer layers of fungi consists of β glucans followed by protein. Formatio



HMG CoA enzyme inhibitors also known as statins inhibit the de novo synthesis of cholesterol in hepatic cells. Reduced cholesterol synthesis decrease the production of VLDL and LDL. Additionally low cholesterol levels in hepatocytes stimulate the producti


Estradiol derived from cholesterol in the adipose tissues and ovaries enhances the proliferation of breast cancer cells. Tamoxifen which is selective estrogen receptor modulator antagonize the estradiol effect on the cancer cells.