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Anthelmintic Drugs

Helminths are generally classified into three major groups; Nematode such as entrobiasis and ascariasis can be treated by mebendazole a paryntal pamoate. Trematode such as schistosomiasis which is treated by praziquantal. Cestode which cause hydatid disea

Mebendazole And Albendazole

Mebendazole and albendazole are anthelminthic drugs. Their mechanisms of actions include interfering with microtubule synthesis and inhibiting glucose uptake by helminthic cells


Niclosamide is anthelmintic drug that deplete helminthic energy store through inhibition of conversion of ADP into ATP.


Praziquantal is anthelminthic drug that enhance calcium Ca ions influx into helminthic cells therefore induce continuous contraction and paralysis of helminthic cells.